Friday, 23 May 2008

Barcelona: Gaudi

Last week I took a trip to Barcelona and had a brilliant time exploring the city that has everything; mountains, beaches, bars and some fantastic museums. It's such a vibrant city - there are sculptures and examples of beautiful architecture on every turning. Of course, the city wouldn't be what is is without the influence of Antoni Gaudi. His pieces are found all over the city, from the famous Sagrada Familia to the Casa Batllo. This building has a very fluid, skeletal quality which I adore and I made sure to visit the interior while I was over. I love the way that nature influences the forms that Gaudi worked with.

Whilst in Barcelona, I learnt that sadly in 1926, Gaudi was hit by a tram. Because he was shabbily dressed cab drivers were apparently reluctant to pick him up in case he could not pay the fare. Nobody recognised the injured artist, until his friends found him the following day and he was taken to a pauper's hospital. He died three days later and his remains were buried in the Sagrada Familia. This building is still not complete and is due to be finished in around 2026.


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