Saturday, 2 February 2008

Some photos

I started this blog to keep track of some of my favourite artists' work as well as publishing some of my own design work and photos. The title comes from the wartime phrase "Make Do and Mend," when people were encouraged to make their own clothes and do what they could to save materials. It was a time when creativity was important, so I felt it would make a good title for this blog!

I'm off to Iceland in a few weeks and bought a new Nikon D40 camera for the occasion. Today I took my first photos with it so I thought I'd post them here.

This is a recent charity shop find - a cake stand I found in Melbourne, Derbyshire. I was excited as I've wanted one for some time and I've decided to use it as a jewellry stand in my bedroom.

There's a new vintage shop that has just opened near my house. It's quite odd as it is basically an old warehouse/garage filled with vintage clothing.

This was taken upstairs at Daphne's Handbag, which sells vintage furniture, jewellry and other quirky items. It made us giggle mainly because of the bulge..
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